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Tipsy Trivia

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A delicious blend of wine tasting and trivia

Complete with 4 bottles of wine wrapped for a blind tasting, mind-boggling trivia questions and a special mystery prize – all you’ll need to do is grab a group of your booziest buds and polish your wine glasses.

Great, at $99 a box, dip your toe into the world of Tipsy Trivia.

Better, at $149 a box, the wines you wish you already knew about.

Best, at $199 a box, best of the bunch. Guaranteed good time gurus only.


4 x Bottles of Wine
4 x Trivia Rounds
1 x Bonus Round
8 x Pens
8 x Playing Mats
1 x How to Play

Players and Ages
2-8 Players
Ages 18+

Always drink responsibly.
For adults aged 18+

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